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Raspberry jam  

4lbs rasps

4lbs sugar

Soften fruit in pan over a low heat (stirring gently occasionally,) for 20mins

Stir in sugar stirring until every bit of sugar has melted.

Bring jam to boil and boil rapidly for 8 mins.

Test for set by putting a small amount on a cold plate and allow to cool (while you do this remove jam from heat or it will over cook). If jam wrinkles when pushed slightly with your finger it is set. If not return pan to boil for a few more minutes and repeat test.

When ready turn off heat and leave to settle for 15 mins. Then pot into warm jars.

Seville Orange Marmalade

2lb(900grams)seville oranges – in shops Jan. – February each year

4 pints water (2.25 ltrs)

1 lemon

4lbs granulated sugar(1.8kg) slightly warmed

1/2 teaspoon butter

6 jam jars,9 inch square muslin

Begin by cutting oranges and lemon in half and squeezing out juice. Add the juice and the water pot. All the pips  and any pith still clinging to the squeezer are put in the muslin square and tied with a piece of string to make a bit of a bag. Tie this to the handle of the pan so that it is suspended in the water.

Cut the peel with a sharp knife into thin shred and add to the pan. Simmer for 2hrs until  soft. Remove bag of pips and cool on a plate. Pour on the measured sugar, keeping a low heat, stir until all sugar is dissolved.

Check this carefully. When you are sure the sugar has melted squeeze the bag of pips over the pan so that all the sticky substance goes into the jam. You can squeeze the bag between 2 saucers. It is a bit messy!!! Stir the pot and turn up heat to  a fast boil.

After 15 minutes take a small spoon of the marmalade an put it on a cold plate to cool.  If it wrinkles when you push your finger against it it is ready. if not, return to boil for another 5 minutes and test again. When you are happy that it is set, turn off heat and leave in pot for 20 mins. Ladle into warm jars and seal tops with waxed discs.

Brambles and foraging

Brambles, have you seen a patch that you will crop this year? It is nearly season.  We usually  find ourselves doing it spontaneously as a family, but it would be good to go prepared. Wear long trousers and sleeves, marigold gloves with the fingertips of a glove cut off to grasp the berries and a poly bag tied to your belt and get in there and pick.

Brambles are  high in Vitamin C,  so eat away to your hearts desire before the winter comes. They are magic in jams, cakes,pies, puddings, sauces.  It is best to strain out the tiny, hard seeds, when making preserves. You can pack them into freezer and store them for later in the year for that “fruit’s of the forest Pavlova”.

For some ideas have a look at Jonathan Wallace’s magic blog. It has lots of practical ideas for foraging, gardening and making preserves. It has lots of straight forward advice, recipes and videos to follow.