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Flora margarine & Marlboro men end up…

If you are interested in food, heath and the future of your community or city you should listen to this recording of the Minister for Health speaking on the food program this week.


It is scary.

Scotland benefits by its independence but these are the important decisions of our time and nation, they will have a generational impact & affect you & yours.

We believe the policy is absolutely wrong. In fact is undermines everything we stand for at Cookie.

The High St is under serious threat and loosing its ability to compete with large scale distribution. We only need to look around at example close to home, Shawlands and Victoria Road. Independents everywhere are the first to feel the economic down turn. They are also often the most tangible part of our commercial environment. Behind every business is a face, a family and a local person employed and a reinvestment of your money.

The governments policy will only go further to support large scale distribution which accounts for the majority of our food.

It gives these companies direct access to policy development instead of dealing with the real issues of monopoly and the distribution systems which have developed in recent years to such a catastrophic effect on choice, community and well being.

Obesity is an epidemic of a highly complex nature. It needs action on all different fronts: education, approach to dietary habits, sport and legislation. We have legislated against smoking, and countless other toxins which affect our health. Our Victorian father in the age of liaise faire legislated with planning and infrastructure and controls. Unlike many of our neighbours we chose not to legislate against trans fats.

The governments non interventionist approach toward policy or “nudge theory” seems to be more a marketing ploy of differentiation than a policy developed & rooted in sound legislation & professional advice.

Grow and barter your excess

It’s that time of year again. Seed trays are being prepared, window sill space at the ready and plans for the coming season set out.

The we ran a barter scheme for excess produce last year which was a big success. It saw us exchanging on a whole variety of produce: from soft fruits to summer salads, edible flowers such as nasturtium and more. We would like to capitalise on this and also structure things a little better for this year so there is a clear system for exchange.

In addition we will happily pay for your seeds if you will grow for us and if you have been foraging let us know about your finds.

If you contributed this year and would like to continue next year please get in touch. We would like to hear your thoughts on what is the best way to go about bartering for goods.

We are really interested in using the food you grow and any surplice you may have. We would also like to hear from people who would be prepared to grow for us. That is people who would be prepared to grow certain items for us specifically and dedicate a little of their production to become alternative suppliers for Cookie?

Interested in gardening? Lets get Urban Gardening



Chef Wars

Here is Calum’s video to highlight what Chef Wars is all about. Thanks Calum.

Vote for Cookie www.clyde1.com/sva

We have been shortlisted as one of the great new Scottish venues at this years Variety awards. If you have enjoyed Cookie please support us and other Scottish talent by voting.  Click the link  www.clyde1.com/sva

Cookie is more than a restaurant. As Glasgow’s Newcomer restaurant of the year “The List Magazine” it is set in a converted butchers shop on the Southside. Cookie has quickly established itself as a great new addition to the cities culinary offering. The food is simply great with wines to match. There is always something cookie going on. They barter for fruit and veg with local growers. The public cook and vote at the monthly “Chef Wars” competition. With a film club, children’s cooking classes, and regular changing exhibitions by young Scottish artists, live music and more it is always a vibrant, changing and entertaining venue.